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    Making a Difference

    IDEX Health & Science is proud to be a part of the fight against COVID-19 by enabling critical healthcare applications with vital optofluidic components and subsystems.

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    Virus Identification & Evolution Monitoring

    Next Generation
    DNA Sequencing

    Achieve high resolution imaging and precise rapid reagent cycling to drive sequencing throughput.

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    Point of Care Testing (PCR, ddPCR,
    LAMP, and CRISPR)

    Increase fluorescence detection sensitivity and de-risk microfluidic development with reduced costs and simplified workflows.

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    Patient Diagnostics

    Immune Response and
    Clinical Chemistry

    Simplify instrument design and maximize performance of reagent chemistries with our optimized fluidic subsystems and components.

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    New Drug

    Vaccine Development, Therapeutic Drug Development, and Clinical Trials

    Enable bioinert flow paths for quantitative and qualitative LC/MS analysis, and shorten time to market for therapeutic drug treatments.

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    Public Disease Control & Prevention

    Water Quality Monitoring, Food Safety Inspection, and Environmental Monitoring

    Achieve accurate and reliable test measurements in a highly-efficient and compact manner.

    We’re Enabling Key Technology to Fight COVID-19

    From the characterization of this new virus to mass testing, IDEX Health & Science has played a critical role in supporting our customers whose instruments are being used 24/7 in the fight against COVID-19. We work with diagnostic, sequencing, and biotech companies around the world who are creating new assays and instrument platforms to combat the pandemic. We are working diligently in compliance with new protocols to ensure employee safety and on time delivery to our customers.



    Fluidic Solutions

    Our core fluidic components and assemblies enable mixing and partitioning fluids in diagnostic, research, and analytical instruments routinely used for virus detection and the development of vaccines and pharmaceuticals.


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    Life Science Optics

    We create complex optical assemblies, filters, and laser illumination that help enable technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing and PCR, currently being used to identify and test for the COVID-19 virus.


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    Microfluidic Devices

    We deliver highly precise microfluidic devices and consumables used for PCR detection of the COVID-19 virus, and in instruments used to identify, measure, and research different virus antibodies.


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    Integrated Assemblies

    We specialize in the complete optofluidic pathway to help you avoid risks and are uniquely positioned to solve even the most demanding challenges in a wide array of applications.


    You See Innovation, We See Integration

    Discover comprehensive optofluidic solutions for coronavirus related analytical instrument development in our COVID-19 Solutions Brochure.

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    If you have any questions about our COVID-19 solutions, contact one of our experts.

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