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    Solve Complex Challenges with our Optofluidics Catalog Featuring Both Fluidic and Optical Products and Information

    Enhance your workflow with an extensive spectrum of expertly engineered fluidic and optical products from our standard product portfolio, now available in our new Optofluidics Catalog. With the addition of optical companies Semrock and Melles Griot, your selection of state-of-the-art optofluidics components and capabilities is broader than ever. Find solutions for a wide range of life science applications that require precise control and measurement with components offered in our fluidics and optics sections.

    Learn about products that transcend industry standards in areas such as:

    Fluidic Solutions

    • Fluidic Connections
    • Valves
    • Degassers
    • Column Hardware

    Optical Solutions

    • Optical Solutions
    • Lasers
    • Optical Filters

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    IDEX Health & Science is the global authority in fluidics and optics, bringing to life advanced optofluidic technologies with our products, people, and engineering expertise. Intelligent solutions for life.