Semrock Optical Filters

IDEX Health & Science offers a comprehensive line of Semrock optical filters. We set the standard in performance, quality, and reliability for the life science, point-of-care, clinical diagnostic, and analytical instrumentation industries. We have applied patented design techniques to create some of the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market. Whether you select from our extensive catalog or we design a custom filter to your exact specifications, you can be confident of our uncompromising quality, reliability, and reproducible results.

Our filters let you push the limits of signal-to-noise in your instrument design. Steep edges maximize the bandwidth that can be accessed in each detection channel, while high transmission or reflection captures every photon possible. Deep and extended blocking capabilities out of band are optimized based on your application, reducing noise, and minimizing crosstalk between channels.

We manufacture spectrally complex hard-coated sputtered thin-film optical filters. Several patented product families are available for same day shipment. Standard products are guaranteed to meet customer needs with a 30-day, no-hassle return policy and are covered by a ten-year warranty.