Stainless Steel Union Assembly True ZDV.062 thru hole

IDEX Part Number: U-438  /

Our VHP Stainless Steel Union Assembly is precision machined from 316 stainless steel. Our mechanically strong and reliable union offers true zero dead volume (ZDV) allowing tubing to be joined without interrupting the fluidic path. It is designed for 1/16OD tubing, thru-hole of .062 and has a 10-32 Coned thread port configuration. It comes with (2) U-400/U-401 stainless steel fittings and (1) P-554 Gauge Plug .
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Pressure Rating Max (psi) 20000
For Tubing OD (in) 1/16
Material Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating Max (bar) 1380
Swept Volume nL Near 0
Thread Port Configuration Coned 10-32
Thru hole (in) 0.062
Thru hole (mm) 1.55