BrightLine® single-band filter set, optimized for Spectrum Red and other like fluorophores

Semrock Part Number: SpRed-B-AMF-ZERO

IDEX Part Number: S-001954  /

High brightness and contrast single-band filter set. Ideal for use with: SpectrumRed, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 568, Alexa Fluor 594
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Optimized – Filter set is specifically optimized for that fluorophore.
Compatible – Should result in nearly ideal performance in most situations.
Acceptable – Actual performance is dependent on specific experimental conditions.
Fluorophore Peak Excitation Wavelength(nm) Peak Emission Wavelength(nm) Compatibility Display on Plot above
Alexa Fluor® 568 579 603
Alexa Fluor® 594 590 618
SpectrumRed 587 615
Texas Red® 592 614