250µL VFP Durable Seal Pump

IDEX Part Number: VFP-0250-DRB-0100  /

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The durable seal pump implements the VFP17 platform with a rugged seal design allowing you to work with more challenging reagents. Each pump is machined to incorporate a fluidic path that minimizes unwept volume and assembled with a drivetrain that is designed to last 5 million cycles. Whether used as a single pump, or combined with as a fluidic manifold, the pump has proven to be a flexible and maintenance-free solution for OEM instrument designers.


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Pump Volume (µL) 250
Recommended Max Pump Operating Pressure 560 psi (Max pressure achieved at <35% max speed based on half coil chopper drive operation at 24V)
Pump Max Dispense Rate (mL/min) 15 mL/min (Max speed achieved at <35% max pressure based on half coil chopper driver operation at 24V)
Pump Precision 5µL < 1%
Pump Wetted Materials Acrylic, UHMW, PEEK, Zirconia
Pump Fluidic Ports Two 1/4-28 UNF
Home Position Dispense
Pump Resolution (Full Step) 2000
Anticipated Life 5 million cycles
Motor Encoder Included