PEEK Tee .020 thru hole Hi Pressure, F-300

IDEX Part Number: P-727  /

PEEK High Pressure Tee Assembly is precisely designed to withstand environmental stresses in the high pressure regions of a system. It is made from inert PEEK, which is ideal for chemical resistance. It includes (3) F-300 Fingertight Fittings allowing maximum operating pressure to 3500 psi (241 bar) when used with 1/16OD stainless steel or PEEK tubing.
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Pressure Rating Max (psi) 3500
For Tubing OD (in) 1/16
Material PEEK
Pressure Rating Max (bar) 241
Swept Volume µL 0.57
Thread Port Configuration Coned 10-32
Thru hole (in) 0.02
Thru hole (mm) 0.5