DMi8 (“P-Cube”) Fluorescence Filter Holder for Leica Microscopes
Part Number: LDMP

IDEX Part Number: LDMP  /


This cube is available for individual purchase. Complimentary cube assembly is provided only when purchased with a standard filter set part number [Filter Set]-LDMP.

Assorted-filter mounting is available for an additional $150 mounting charge. Please contact our Technical Support group for a Custom Part Number and quote.

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General information Value
Compatible Microscope(s) DMi8
Microscope Manufacturer Leica
Filter size specification Value
Beamsplitter Dimensions (L x W) 25.2 mm x 35.6 mm
Emitter Diameter 25.0 mm
Emitter maximum thickness 3.5 mm
Exciter Diameter 25.0 mm
Exciter maximum thickness 5.0 mm
Assembly Instructions Value
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