Inline Check Valve

IDEX Part Number: 40-4633-01  /

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Check valves for high pressure pumps come as complete assemblies. We also custom assemble balls and seats into cartridge or check valve assemblies per your specifications. Our check valves can operate to pressures up to 30,000 psi (2,068 bar). Check valve cartridge and assembly components can be made out of a variety of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, PEEK™ and Kel-F®, among others. We leak test each check valve prior to shipment to ensure optimum performance and complete “dock to stock” satisfaction

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Pressure Rating Max (psi) 15000
Check Valve Dimensions (in) 0.563 Hex x 1.444
Designed Flow Rate (mL/min) 12
Material 316 Stainless Steel Housing
Pressure Rating Max (bar) 1034