Frit-in-a-Ferrule™ 0.5µm Super Flangeless™ PEEK/SST Ring Black - 10 Pack

IDEX Part Number: P-371X  /

Our Frit-in-a-Ferrule offers a unique design that seals and filters simultaneously by incorporating a frit into the body of a flat-bottom ferrule. Our biocompatible PEEK Super Flangeless ferrule comes with a stainless frit and steel lock ring. It has a porosity 0.5µm comes in a 10 pack.
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Frit Material Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating Max (psi) 2500
Color Black
Disc Diameter (in) 0.062
Disc Thickness (in) 0.062
For Tubing OD (in) 1/8
Porosity µm 0.5
Pressure Rating Max (bar) 172
Swept Volume µL 0.61