BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 5 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop

IDEX Part Number: UPFP-6005  /

BioVersal™ sample loops are part of IDEX Health & Science bioinert UHPLC product family. These metal-free sample loops are ideal for bioinert UHPLC Applications. Each sample loop is made by utilizing IDEX’s PEEK lined stainless steel manufacturing process. The PEEK lining reinforced by the stainless steel gives these sample loops the strength to withstand pressures up to 1310 bar (131 MPa; 19,000 psi), and makes the sample loop inert to almost all organic solvents. Each sample loop unitizes IDEX’s patented face sealing technology for zero dead volume connections into any port. Two fingertight MarvelX™ fittings are included with the sample loop can be connected and disconnected 100+ times.
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