3 Channel OEM Mini Lite Degasser

IDEX Part Number: 0001-6684  /

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Our OEM Mini Lite degassing system offers the smallest form factor of any degassing system available. The single stage pump offers long life while reducing overall size. A more efficient Systec AF membrane has decreased internal volume while maintaining degassing efficiency and on open polypropylene bracket makes it easy to integrate into nearly any system. It is a 3 channel degasser.

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Length (in) 6.84
Tubing ID (mm) 0.889
Liquid Connections  ¼-28 UNF, ¼-28 UNF
Chemical Compatibility See Solvent Compatibility Chart
Height (in) 4
Internal Volume Per Channel uL 285
Max Flow Rate (mL/min) 10
Number of Channels 3
Recommended Flow Rate (ml/min) 2
Tubing ID (in) 0.035
Width (in) 2.05