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Our valves are an integral part of advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and clinical diagnostic systems. Our valve options include manual valves for lower frequency of use and rotary shear valves that meet the high duty cycle requirements of UHPLC. Our valves come in high pressure and low pressure versions to meet your system requirements. Our automated fluidic valves are uniquely designed to accommodate today’s demanding analytical methods. We also offer check valves when there is a need to limit the fluid flow to one direction. Our Back Pressure Regulators products are designed to enhance system performance through outgassing prevention. All of our valve products, component, tools and accessories are designed keeping our customer’s system needs first.

For Valves and Degassers a surcharge may apply. Please contact IDEX Health & Science for more information.

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UPFP-6100 BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 100 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop
UPFP-6050 BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 50 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop
UPFP-6020 BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 20 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop
UPFP-6010 BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 10 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop
UPFP-6005 BioVersal™ Sample Loops - 5 μL PEEK Lined SST Sample Loop
V-101T 4-Way Valve PEEK Bulkhead Single "T" Flow
V-101L 4-Way Valve PEEK Bulkhead "L" Flow
V-101D 4-Way Valve PEEK Bulkhead Diagonal Flow
V-100T 4-Way Valve PEEK Flow Single "T" Flow
V-100L 4-Way Valve PEEK Flow "L" Flow
V-100D 4-Way Valve PEEK Flow Diagonal Flow
U-610 BPR Assembly 750 psi
U-609 BPR Assembly 500 psi
U-608 BPR Assembly 250 psi
U-607 BPR Assembly 100 psi
U-606 BPR Assembly 75 psi
U-605 BPR Assembly 40 psi
U-469 Stainless Steel BPR Cartridge Holder
U-456 Press Relief Valve Assembly 100 psi
U-455 Pressure Relief Valve Assembly 5 psi
P-880 High Pressure Adjustable BPR
P-791 BPR Assembly 20 psi
P-790 BPR Assembly 5 psi
P-789 BPR Assembly 500 psi - Biocompatible
P-788 BPR Assembly 250 psi - Biocompatible
P-787 BPR Assembly 100 psi - Biocompatible
P-786 BPR Assembly 75 psi - Biocompatible
P-785 BPR Assembly 40 psi - Biocompatible
P-612S Pressure Relief Valve Tee Assembly 5/16-24 Threads
P-465 BPR Holder Assembly - Bio
P-455 BPR Assembly PEEK 1000 psi
M-615-2 Manual Valve Mounting Kit-6 port
M-615-1 Manual Valve Mounting Kit-4 port
M-432 MIV Injection Port Adapter Assembly
CV-3500 Micro-Volume Check Valve
CV-3345 Check Valve Inline Outlet
CV-3340 Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 10-32
CV-3335 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic 1/4-28 to 10-32
CV-3330 Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28
CV-3325 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .060 thru hole
CV-3324 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.060 thru hole
CV-3323 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .040 thru hole
CV-3322 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.040 thru hole
CV-3321 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic
CV-3320 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic
CV-3316 Check Valve Outlet 3 psi 1/4-28 .020 thru hole
CV-3315 Check Valve Inlet Assembly 3 psi 1/4-28 .020
CV-3310 Outlet Check Valve 3 psi
CV-3010 Check Valve Inline Assembly 3 psi
CV-3001 Check Valve Inline Cartridge 1.5 psi

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