QuickStart™ Pressure Sensor Stand Alone Fitting 200 psi - 1 Pack

Part #
I2C PS200F 1 Pack
Our new QuickStart™ pressure sensor is an in-line, modular, compact sensor that you can easily implement into your fluidic pathway to mitigate risk of potential blockages to your instrument. Easily manage your flow rates and receive accurate, instantaneous data on system performance — saving critical analysis time.
More Information
Operating Voltage 5.0V
Digital Communication Bus I²C
Full Scale Pressure 0.25-14 bar abs (3.6 psi - 200 psi)
Inaccuracy Below Full Scale <137.5 mbar abs (2 psi abs)
Pressure Detection Response Time 67 ms
Operating Temperature +5 to +50°C
Ambient Storage Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Proof Pressure 28 bars abs (400 psi)
Body Materials PEEK
Drift Spec ±1.4 mbar (0.02 psi) per year (maximum value at ambient conditions)
Power Consumption 40 mW
Sensitivity 0.21 mbar (.003 psi)
Fitting Type Flat bottom1/4 - 28 standard or flat bottom M6
Mounting 4-40 or M3x.5 screws
Internal Volume I2C PS200F (standalone option): 50 µl
Wetted Materials PEEK Housing, Viton O-ring, 316L SS