MarvelX™ Bioinert PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel UHPLC Connection Systems

MarvelX™ Bioinert PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel UHPLC Connection Systems

Call +1 360 679 2528 To speak directly to a MarvelX™ Bioinert PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel UHPLC Connection Systems expert. Submit Inquiry Complete our custom request form and you will be contacted shortly by the appropriate IDEX Health & Science expert to discuss your project.

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MarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems from IDEX Health & Science maintain zero dead volume and prevent peak tailing. MarvelX UHPLC finger-tight fittings do not depend on ferrules, which significantly reduces required torque and enables many more connects and disconnects. Furthermore, they are virtually impossible to over-tighten by hand, which limits wear and increases product life. Enhanced high tech tip sealing also ensures zero dead volume (ZDV) and better chromatography results. Our PEEK-Lined system offers a truly bioinert PEEK inner layer, serving as the fluid pathway, and is perfect for bioinert UHPLC applications. Surrounded by a robust stainless steel structure, our durable PEEK-Lined connection system is rated at 19,000 psi (~1,310 bar) for routine use — with a maximum over pressure of up to 23,000 psi — and includes flexible tubing that can be replaced independent of fittings.

*For other ID and length configuration requests, please contact Customer Service at +1 800 426 0191, or e-mail

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