English Threaded Adapters

English Threaded Adapters

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Our versatile English Threaded Adapters are used specifically to securely attach connectors with different threads. We designed these adapters to work with English to English threaded geometries. Manufactured from Stainless Steel, PEEK or Tefzel™ (ETFE) they deliver excellent solvent resistance.

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Part # Product Name
P-669-01 Adapter Body PEEK 10-32 Female x 1/4-28 Male
P-627-01 English Adapter Body 10-32 x 1/4-28, .020 thru hole
6000-076 Adapter, 1/16" to Prep Valve
U-665 Adapter Assembly 1/2-20 Female x1/4-28 Female
U-659 Adapter Assembly PEEK 1/2-20 Female x 5/16-24 Female
P-724 Adapter PCTFE M6 Female x 5/16-24 Male
P-718 English Adapter 1/4-28 Female x 5/16-24 Male
P-693 Adapter Long 1/4-28 Female x1/4-28 Male
P-684 Adapter PCTFE 1/2-20 Female x1/4-28 Male
P-681 Adapter 5/16-24F x1/4-28M x .125
P-674 Adapter 5/16-24 Female x1/4-28 Male
P-672 English Adapter 1/4-28 Female x 10-32 Male, Flat-Bottom PEEK
P-671 English Adapter Body 1/4-28 Female x 1/4-28 Male
P-669 Adapter Assembly PEEK 10-32 Female x 1/4-28 Male
P-654 Adapter - Extra Long, PEEK
P-652 Adapter - 1/4-28 x 10-32, PEEK
P-650 Adapter - M6 x 10-32 Standard, PEEK
P-649 Adapter Body 1/4-28 Male x5/16-24 Female
P-643 Adapter High Pressure 10-32 x 1/4-28
P-640 Adapter Assembly Female 10-32 x Male 1/4-28
P-636 Adapter - 10-32 Male x 10-32 Female - PEEK
P-627 English Adapter Assembly 10-32 x 1/4-28, .020 thru hole
P-621 Adapter Body Tefzel™ (ETFE) 1/4-28" ID xM6
P-135 Adapter 1/4-28 x 5/16-24 PEEK
1592 Female Adapter Assembly 10-32 Female x 14-28 Female
1591 English Thread Adapter 10-32 Female x 1/4-28 Male
1583 English Thread Adapter 10-32 Female x 1/4-28 Female
1582 English Thread Adapter 10-32 Male x 1/4-28 Female

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