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Connectors are designed to securely join tubing together or to facilitate the joining of tubing to other fluid pathway components. We offer multiport connectors with different thread and port configurations to meet your system requirements and connection needs. Some of our connectors feature a True ZDV (Zero Dead Volume) internal configuration that helps minimize the formation of dead volume in your fluidic pathway. Our versatile adapters help bring two connectors with different configurations together. Connectors are manufactured from 316 stainless steel or from inert polymers to ensure chemical compatibility with the fluid passing through. Peristaltic tube connectors are ideal for making connections with soft-walled, peristaltic tubing. Our extensive line of connectors includes tees, crosses, Luer Adapters, barbed and threaded adapters and a variety of other options.

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P-777-01 MicroCross Body .025in
UH-906 VHP MicroTight® Adapter Cross , 360, for 1/16" OD
UH-750 VHP MicroTee Assembly for 360µm OD
UH-700 VHP MicroTee Assembly for 1/32" OD
UH-436 VHP MicroTight® Union for 360µm OD
UH-432 VHP MicroTight® Union 1/32
UH-429 VHP Stainless Steel Cross 10-32 1/16
U-466S High Pressure Static Mixing Tee - Stainless Steel Frit
U-466 High Pressure Static Mixing Tee
U-431 Stainless Steel Cross Assembly .040in thru hole
U-352 Union Assembly ZDV - SSI Type
P-891 MicroCross PEEK - 1/16" w/Fittings
P-890 MicroTee PEEK - 1/16" w/Fittings
P-889 MicroCross PEEK 360µm w/Fittings
P-888 MicroTee PEEK 360µm w/Fittings
P-887 MicroCross PEEK 1/32" w/Fittings
P-885 MicroTee PEEK 1/32" w/Fittings
P-875 MicroTee Assembly w/Mounting Hole
P-874 MicroElbow Assembly w/Mounting Hole
P-777 MicroCross Assembly .025in
P-775 MicroTee Assembly .025in
P-615 Union Assembly PEEK 1/8"" OD x 1/8" OD
P-191 PEEK Manifold Assembly 9 Port, for 1/16" OD
P-190 PEEK Manifold Assembly 9 Port, for 1/8" OD
P-170 PEEK Manifold Assembly 7 Port, for 1/16" OD
P-154 PEEK Manifold Assembly 5 Port, for 1/16" OD
P-151 PEEK Manifold Assembly 7 Port, for 1/8" OD
P-150 Manifold Standard Assembly 7 Port, for 1/16" OD
M-540A Micro Static Mixing Tee Assembly No Frit
M-540 Micro Static Mixing Tee Assembly Frit

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