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Engineered with a unique flow channel design and significantly shorter fluid and membrane diffusion paths, the 9000-2071 is a 500 μL degassing chamber in a flat film format with ¼-28 flat bottom liquid ports. The fluoropolymer membrane & PEEK chamber is designed to degas solvents at the highest performance levels available for analytical scale HPLC systems. In a small form factor, with reinforced Teflon™ AF film; this degassing chamber has a metal free flow path and universal solvent compatibility, which includes HFIP and Hexane. The sleek, patented chamber design enables low flow restriction when compared to the lumen based chambers.

  • Lower flow restriction than tubing based degassers.
  • Non-metallic flow path, which enables universal application of a single type of degasser to multiple types of HPLC systems. 
  • Small form factor with no internal tubing fittings to leak.
  • Lowest vacuum volume to limit initial pervaporation of volatiles.
  • Universal coverage of all flow rate ranges to as great as 10 mL/min or more depending on style of HPLC system.
  • Universal solvent compatibility, except for solvents known to adversely affect Teflon™ AF (see solvent compatibility guide).
  • Solvent flush-out similar to tubing style degassers.
  • Flow restriction is constant regardless of applied vacuum.
  • Lower environmental impact: High pressure vacuum degassing reduces or eliminates solvent vapor discharge into the laboratory atmosphere.

Couple the film degassing chamber with our patent-pending algorithm for constant performance and your system will achieve the highest HPLC degassing efficiency with universal solvent compatibility. The methodology allows you to select a fixed-efficiency of degassing for any HPLC separation method. This enables consistent operation at higher applied vacuum pressures, while reducing pervaporation and associated mobile phase changes.

More Information
Chemical Compatibility See Product Datasheet
Height (in) 0.52
Internal Volume µL Nominal 500
Length (in) 2.91
Liquid Connections Threaded ¼-28 UNF-2B flat bottom, 3/8” depth
Max Flow Rate (mL/min) 10
Max Pressure Rating 27 PSIG
Membrane Type Reinforced Teflon™ AF
Mounting Threaded 6-32 UNC-2B
Operating Temperature 1° to 60°C (IPA/H2O 20/80)
Vacuum Connection Designed for 1/8” ID elastomeric tubing
Vacuum Flow Path Materials PEEK, PFA
Wetted Materials Teflon™ AF, PEEK, Carbon
Width (in) 1.65

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