Debubbler Degasser 5.0 mL With Degassing Tail

Part #
Our Active Debubbler/Degasser rapidly removes bubbles from the fluid stream and removes dissolved gases to avoid the outgassing of bubbles later in the fluid path. This option is ideal for low pressure systems such as diagnostic instrumentation. Removing system bubbles improves instrument precision and reliability. Unlike passive bubble traps where bubble removal is dependent on backpressure, the Active Debubbler can be installed before or after a pump and provides consistent debubbling regardless of the system conditions. Choose a 2.5 or 5.0 mL volume bubble trap depending on your syringe volume. For active debubbling only (no degassing) see product 9000-1540 or 9000-1541.
More Information
Length (in) 0.75
Bubble Removal 20 cc/min air removed from water at 10 ml /min
Membrane Type Poridex
Vacuum Connection Barb Fitting for 1/8 inch (3mm) ID Elastomeric tubing
Liquid Connections Inlet: UNF ¼-28 threaded flat-bottom port Outlet: ¼-28
Internal Volume mL 5
Degassing Performance 55% O2 removed from water at 1 ml/min
Maximum Temperature ºC 40
Wetted Materials Poridex, Polyolefine, FEP, ETFE, Ultem®
Vacuum Performance A vacuum source (minimum 16 kPa absolute) such as the Systec SST pump is required.
Fluid Compatibility Not compatible with solutions
Height (in) 5.6
Width (in) 0.5