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IDEX Health & Science engineers components that result in innovative and optimized fluidic systems.

We design, develop, and manufacture liquid subassemblies and precision components for a wide range of applications requiring precise control and measurement. We specialize in component integration that results in innovative and optimized OEM fluidic systems. IDEX Health & Science is the synthesis of leading component and technology suppliers to the Analytical Instrument, Diagnostics, Biotechnology, and Laboratory markets.




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9010-999 RheBuild® Kit for 9010
9013 PEEK Needle Port
Out of stock
9055-020 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 5µL
9055-021 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 10µL
9055-022 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 20µL
9055-023 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 50µL
9055-024 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 100µL
9055-025 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 200µL
9055-026 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 500µL
9055-027 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 1mL
9055-028 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 2mL
9055-029 PEEK Sample Loop 9725i 5mL
9125-043 PEEK Stator for 9125, 9010, 9030, 9725
9125-076 Suction needle adapter
9125-095 PEEK Rotor Seal for 9125/9725
9125-999 RheBuild® Kit for 9125/9126
9650-009 PEEK Stator for EV/RV750-102
9650-999 RheBuild® Kit for 7650E/TPMV, 9650E/TPMV
9725 Analytical PEEK Valve
9725-999 RheBuild® Kit for 9725/9725i
9725i Analytical PEEK Valve w/Sensing Switch
9750-021 PEEK Stator for EV/RV750-100, 9750/9740
9750-999 RheBuild® Kit for 9750E/TPMV
9901-999 RheBuild Kit for CV9900-100
9925-002 PEEK Stator for MX9925-000
9960-002 PEEK Stator for MHP/MXP/PD9960
CV-3000 Check Valve Inline Assembly With Fittings
CV-3000NF Check Valve Inline Assembly Without Fittings
CV-3001 Check Valve Inline Cartridge 1.5 psi
CV-3010 Check Valve Inline Assembly 3 psi
CV-3301 Check Valve Inlet 1/4-28 Male x 1/4-28 Female
CV-3302 Check Valve Outlet Assembly 1/4-28 Male to 1/4-28 Female
CV-3310 Outlet Check Valve 3 psi
CV-3315 Check Valve Inlet Assembly 3 psi 1/4-28 .020
CV-3316 Check Valve Outlet 3 psi 1/4-28 .020 thru hole
CV-3320 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic
CV-3321 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic
CV-3322 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.040 thru hole
CV-3323 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .040 thru hole
CV-3324 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic.060 thru hole
CV-3325 Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic .060 thru hole
CV-3330 Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28
CV-3335 Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic 1/4-28 to 10-32
CV-3336 Check Valve Out Non-Metallic 1/4-28 to 10-32
CV-3340 Check Valve Inline Non-Metallic 10-32
CV-3345 Check Valve Inline Outlet
CV-3500 Micro-Volume Check Valve
CV720-100 Compact Valve 2 Position/6 Port
CV721-100 Compact Valve 2 Position, 6 Port w/MBB
CV900-100 Compact Valve 2 Position/6 Port PEEK

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