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Laminated flow cells are used in genetic sequencing, bioagent detection, and biological sample distribution. Although there are many classes of flow cells, such as the device shown in this photograph, planar flow cells are emerging as a new and enabling technology for the life sciences industry. These flow cells always include at least one pair of fluidic inlet and exit ports, can have one or many flow channels, and include capture molecules on one or both internal surfaces depending on the application or system design. IDEX Health & Science, LLC designs and sells custom flow cells based on BioGasket™ technology. Our in-depth understanding of fluidics, biology and precision machining enable us to provide customers with unique and cost effective solutions.


This flow cell is constructed from D263 borofloat glass, diced to standard microscope slide dimensions, and has a pair of 1mm diameter fluidic ports drilled into the top plate. Commercially available Nanoports™ are bonded to the top plate using high temperature adhesives to provide for efficient fluidic integration. The flow channel geometry is manufactured to customer specifications using a CNC tool unique to IDEX Health & Science, LLC. Both the glass and gasket components of this device are manufactured to within 50um tolerances.

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