Open Face & Resealable Flow

Open Face & Resealable Flow

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Open face flow cells enable repeated and reliable sealing to substrates, such as microarrays and functionalized glass surfaces. The reseal and reuse nature of these fluidic devices make them ideal for reducing cost per measurement in many applications, but they are also invaluable for applications where access to the inside of the flow cell facilitates chemical modification, capture molecule deposition and sample retrieval. Open face flow cells typically consist of the following three elements: fluidic fittings, an optical window with drilled access holes and a permanently bonded gasket seal. All three elements are custom configured to best match users' applications.

A common use for these devices is in microarray manufacturing process control, when wet reactions are used for quality control testing. In this case, an open face flow cell consisting of a gasketed optical window with fluidic connections is fixtured on top of the microarray. Once the quality control reaction has run its course, the open face flow cell is removed and cleaned for the next reaction. With its micron-level control of channel dimensions, IDEX Health & Science, LLC's BioGasket™ Technology is ideal for open face flow cell applications because it forms permanent covalent bonds with glass, silicon or plastic windows to create fluidic channels that stand up to the harshest use profiles. Not dealing with O-rings leaking or falling off makes for more efficient and user friendly processes.


  • Hybridization Chambers
  • Process Control
  • Bioagent Detection
  • Sequencing
  • Immunoassays
  • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance Detection

Our years of flow cell experience results in innovative design guidance and cost effective manufacturing processes. Prototypes or volume production, we are dedicated to help your products or projects succeed by providing the highest quality open face flow cells on time and on budget.

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