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IDEX Health & Science

Optofluidics Partners, Quality Products, Innovative Solutions

IDEX Health & Science is the global authority in fluidics and optics, bringing life to advanced optofluidic technologies with our products, people and engineering expertise. We are respected worldwide for solving complex problems and delivering complete path innovation for analytical, diagnostic and biotechnology applications for the life sciences market. As a genuine and trustworthy partner, we solve our customers’ most demanding challenges with the industry’s most extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art components and capabilities that are unrivaled in breadth, quality, performance and design. Our vision of the complete path goes far beyond just meeting our customers’ needs — it anticipates them, with intelligent solutions for life. 



Three Fold AdvantageWho We Are

IDEX Health & Science offers a three-fold advantage to our customers, bringing life to optofluidic pathways with our products, people, and engineering expertise.


Our comprehensive line of products, team of optofluidics experts, and innovative engineering capabilities collectively position IDEX Health & Science as the forerunner in life science fluidics and optics. These integrated assets work seamlessly together to enable your pathways beyond the combination of components. We optimize optofluidic paths to provide the best solution for our customers.


We are the premier provider of engineered fluidic and optics products and related sub-systems to the life sciences market.



What We Do

What We Do

We optimize fluidic assemblies with validated, best-in-class components, select technology partnerships, and extensive industry experience.

Systems demand sophisticated fluid control, making intelligent pathway optimization an essential component of instrument success. At IDEX Health &amp Science, we innovate and manufacture fluidic components and assemblies that work within a broad range of performance parameters to support your application from concept, to prototype, and then to final production.

Our optofluidics components and solutions maximize pathway performance and provide instrument manufacturers with significant development advantages, including:


Increased system reliability

We collaborate with our customers to achieve instrument run-to-run reliability through serviceable interface construction, cleanly swept flow paths, and solid connections. Because we work with a diverse range of highly engineered materials, we can ensure dependability by selecting the proper material for critical locations in the flow path.

development time

We specialize in optimizing your optofluidic design so you can focus on the science. Our use of rapid prototyping tools, experience with responsive design, and ability to draw on expert product knowledge allows us to quickly advance your designs.


Regardless of how many parts we build, we tightly control the quality and reproducibility of our components, manufacturing the same optofluidics, every time. Our well-engineered path designs, parts kits, and components guarantee consistency instrument- to-instrument and through the lifetime of your product.

Enhanced user experience

We have combined the highest quality components with easy to- operate, intuitive connections to enhance user experience and minimize system failure. We make components interchangeable to improve system ease-of-use.



Global Leaders

We are a strong force of committed people and innovative products for your optofluidic pathway, continually increasing our product offering, expanding our market relevance by connecting to new customers, and positioning ourselves as global leaders in optofluidics engineering.



Worldwide Fluidics at IDEX Health & Science


Worldwide Fluidics MapAs a global company, IDEX Health & Science has an international network of direct sales professionals and distribution partners in place to provide personal service to every customer. Our experts are ready to visit your operation, assess your fluidic needs, and develop solutions for your application challenges.

Corporate Responsibility

IDEX Health & Science is committed to preserving the environment. Our continuous improvement programs hold our facilities accountable to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and conserve resources. Many products comply with REACH and RoHS regulations.





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