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Exceptional Real-Time Monitoring of Your Instruments’ Flow Paths with QuickStart Pressure & Flow Sensors

Introducing a powerful way to automatically monitor and control instrument flow paths in real time. QuickStart Sensing Solutions provide accurate, real-time data with digital output, allowing the user (or operator) to predict failure, mitigate risk of damage, and optimize system performance.

  • QuickStart Pressure Sensors immediately detect blockages and mitigate risk – before important samples are compromised or system components are damaged. Specifically detects up to 200 psi with 1% full scale accuracy.
  • QuickStart Flow Sensors easily manage flow rates and provide accurate, instantaneous data on system performance – saving critical analysis time. This sensor measures up to 1000 μL/min with up to 5% of measured value.

Our QuickStart Sensors are extremely useful for monitoring system parameters, detection of clots or clogs, and allowing predictive failure of fluidics. They have a compact footprint and are designed to connect in-line for optimized real-time analysis of system parameters. They are chemically compatible with most reagents used in IVD, BIO, and POC-applications. Our easy to use QuickStart Sensors are fully calibrated, with verified performance, for high-precision, plug-and-play applications.

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