Filter Wheels & Switchers

    High Speed Filter Wheels — Fastest Filter Change on the Market

    The high-performance servo motors in our high speed filter wheels (HSFWs) provide ultimate TORQUE and SPEED through rare earth magnets coupled with backlash-free power. These features allow the wheel to rotate to the adjacent filter in as fast as 23ms on the HS-625 model, and 30ms on the HS-1025 and HS-1032 models.The longest distance (180º wheel-turn corresponding to 3 filter positions on the HS-625 and 5 positions on the HS-1025 and HS-1032) is covered in 45ms on the HS-625 model and 90ms on the HS-1025 and HS-1032 models. Because the HSFWs’ internal control system automatically adjusts to changes in the number or location of filters, all change times are independent of the number or position of your filters.

    Servo Motor Advantage

    Encoder feedback sensors on the servo motors provide more reliable operation than stepper-motor-based open-loop motion systems where step skipping may occur. HSFWs use state-of-the-art semiconductor components, a high-performance digital signal processor, and a sophisticated control algorithm to handle the added complexity of servo motors.

    Microscope Integration

    Used with color switching light source. Hardware synchronization with other microscopy components.

    Filter Switchers – The INCITE Cube Turret

    To satisfy a customer’s need, we developed a cube 10 times faster than traditional cube turrets. INCITE switches dichroic and emission filters in 30 ms, replacing stock turrets in Nikon Eclipse series microscopes and synchronizing seamlessly with other system components. Interested in learning about custom filter switcher solutions for your next project?
    • 10X Speed Improvement
    • Live Cell Multichannel Fluorescence
    • High Content Screening
    • Multi Modal Imaging

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