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    IDEX Health & Science Launches Manifold-in-a-Week Rapid Response Program

    Accelerate Time to Market with Manifold Prototypes Delivered in Just 7 Days



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    ROHNERT PARK, CA, May 7, 2015 — IDEX Health & Science launches the Manifold-in-a-Week Rapid Response Program, which generates cost-effective manifold prototypes from order to delivery in just 7 days. The program was developed to streamline in vitro diagnostic and analytical instrument design development, thereby reducing time-to-market with expedited design iterations.

    Fluidic manifolds minimize the size of a device, reduce leaks, improve the reliability of the flow path, and return consistent fluidic performance in every instrument. While certain process thresholds have made manifolds a practical solution for only large, established instrument manufacturers, Manifold-in-a-Week allows customers on tight timelines and development budgets to acquire limited-run prototypes in materials suitable for proof-of-concept. By collaborating early on a project, Manifold-in-a-Week is able to provide faster manifold delivery with optimized form, fit, function and manufacturability of a fluidic path.

    “The IDEX Health & Science team, in collaboration with our customer, was able to drive a roughly $4,000 conventional prototyping process investment down to $300–$400 using our Manifold-in-a-Week process,” said Ed Beldowski, Sales Engineer at IDEX Health & Science; then adding, “The other advantage, [that is] probably less obvious, is that we were able to optimize our customer’s model for manufacturability at a very early stage. Our engineering team recommended changes to some of the internal tracks, which we knew could not be machined during the conversion-to-production techniques of the final units. This early revision achieved a production-ready manifold to our customer at delivery.”

    High quality production, materials, and finishes for Manifold-in-a-Week prototypes offer the strong dimensional stability required to fabricate fluidic channels only thousandths of an inch wide. A customer concurred: “The IDEX Health & Science Manifold-in-a-Week process gave us the flexibility to make iterative changes, and the ability to go fast. It was just fantastic.”

    With the Manifold-in-a-Week Rapid Response Program, IDEX Health & Science is able to collaborate with customers to guide the optimization of fluidics solutions with expert precision — from concept through development, to successful delivery. For more information about Manifold-in-a-Week, visit

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