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    IDEX Health & Science Increases Fluidic Capability in OEM Instruments! More Independent-Control Channels in the Reglo ICC


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    Oak Harbor, WA, February 27, 2014 — After breaking the traditional constraints that limited lab bench peristaltic pumps to single-direction flow, the IDEX Health & Science Reglo ICC (independent channel control) now offers instrument manufacturers a panel-mount configuration that can be customized with 2, 3, or 4 fully-addressable channels.

    Built on the IDEX Health & Science line of peristaltic pumps, characterized by proven accuracy and precision with a re-engineered, long-life drive mechanism and available Windows-based software controls, the panel-mount OEM is ideal for bioreactors, or any instrument containing more than one peristaltic pump. The option of 6, 8, or 12 rollers allows the OEM to optimize flow rates and pulsation limits, while still utilizing standard Click ‘n Go cassettes.

    IDEX Health & Science Engineering Director Scott Ellis explained, “The ICC, in the OEM configuration, allows instrument manufacturers to package multiple pump channels into a very small space and utilize simple, modern control protocols. The panel-mount ICC can reduce an instrument’s size and part count by eliminating pumps, pinch valves, and solenoid valves; and by reducing the sheet-metal support structure needed for multiple pumps.” Ellis further described the potential time and dollar savings realized when an OEM replaces four individual pumps with a single ICC, “When comparing a conventional panel-mount pump array to the ICC, the ICC will typically be 40-50% higher in price per pump. However, one four- channel ICC performs like four pumps in the footprint of one, resulting in a cost reduction of roughly 50%. Plus, the OEM installs only one pump per instrument, not four.”

    IDEX Health & Science is a renowned manufacturer of premier pump drives. Our peristaltic pumps have long been considered the gold standard in Europe for peristaltic precision and accuracy. The Reglo ICC delivers flow rates of 0.001 to 43 mL/min.

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