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    Microscopic Methods Reveal Holistic Picture of Sample

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    Whole slide imaging is a method principally employed when scientists need to image a large, relatively two-dimensional sample that expands beyond a single microscope field of view. Typical applications include imaging of histological tissues that have been cut into thin slices and placed on a glass slide.

    Tonsil CD3 (rm), ImmPRESS Reagent (HRP) Anti-Mouse IgG Immpact DAB (brown), and AE1/AE3 (m) ImmPRESS (AP) (HRP) Anti-Rabbit IgG ImmPACT Vector Red (red). Counterstained with Hematoxylin QS (blue). Courtesy of Vector Labs.
    The basic principle of whole slide imaging is to digitally assemble high-magnification images with a small field of view into a larger overview of the sample. Quite simply, the power of this type of imaging,…

    Jun, 11 2020 |

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