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    Liquid Crystal Microlenses Enable 4D Imaging

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Researchers from Nanjing University have developed a portable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use microlens to acquire 4D images. 4D imaging provides 3D resolution as well as polarization information.

    Wei Hu, Yan Qing Lu, and colleagues used liquid crystals, materials found in most electronic displays. With a self-assembly process, they patterned arrays of liquid crystal microlenses into concentric circles.
    A concentric array of liquid crystal microlenses provides 4D information about objects. Scale bar, 20 μm. Courtesy of ACS Nano 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.9b07104. The researchers used a polarized optical microscope to image objects, such as a cross or the letter “E,” under different directions of linearly polarized…

    Nov, 25 2019 |

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