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Microfluidic Consumables

Microfluidics revolves around the precise manipulation of fluids within geometries where at least one characteristic dimension is on the sub-millimeter scale. At these scales, physical properties such as surface tension, fluidic resistance and energy transfer play dominate roles and can present both challenges and benefits depending on the application. For example, Reynolds numbers in microfluidic devices are typically low, leading to laminar flow for all practical fluid velocities. Laminar flow means designers cannot rely on turbulence to mix fluids, but can leverage laminar flow to efficiently separate fluids and cells.

The goal of most microfluidic systems is to achieve a higher degree of integration than otherwise possible, thereby reducing size, cost and increasing reaction efficiency or speed. Many commercial applications in the life sciences space center on sample prep, assay reactions and detection.


  • Immunoassays
  • Genetic sequencing, SNP detection and other DNA analysis
  • Micropneumatic systems (micro-pumps and micro-valves)
  • Enzymatic analysis, including polymerase chain reaction
  • Clinical pathology and diagnostics, including point-of-care
  • Immunology and cancer detection
  • Detection of biochemical toxins and pathogens
  • Cell separation, sorting, counting & manipulation
  • Droplet manipulation and digital microfluidics
  • Optofluidics
  • Drug screening and delivery
  • Neural cell study including axotomy, axon cutting and soma/axon separation
  • Integrated lateral flow

Irrespective of the specific application, microfluidic solutions offer common benefits:

  • Small volumes, leading to reduced reagent usage
  • Small size and geometric flexibility
  • High degree of parallel reactions and fluid processes
  • Greater control over fluid mixing and heating
  • Faster reactions

We develop and manufactures SlipStream™ microfluidic devices for the life sciences, industrial, medical device and analytical instrumentation markets. These devices allow the instrumentation to passively or actively interact with fluids and fluid born samples to quantify fundamental biological, chemical, engineering and scientific information. SlipStream™ mircrofluidic devices manufactured from our laminated PDMS Biogasket™ technology that allows hybrid layered structures from glass, plastics, ceramics, and some metal and crystalline materials. SlipStream™ devices are suitable for rapid (in many cases, maskless) prototyping and volume production alike, enabling cost effective solutions to challenging microfluidic designs. We are a vertically integrated supplier with complete glass and ceramic machining capability and design support.


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