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Annual Costs of Liquid Chromatography Fluidic Connections in Your Lab

BLANK Total Connection Cost Cost of Materials Cost of Labor BLANK BLANK Cost of Each Fitting ($) How much do you pay for each fitting (nut and ferrule)? Cost of Tubing ($) How much do you pay for each section of tubing to connect two ports? Connect/Disconnects Before Replacement How many times do you connect the most used fitting to hardware before you need to replace the entire connection? Time to Install Each Connection (min) How long does it take you to install a section of tubing and two fittings? Number of Instruments How many instruments do you have that need replacement tubing and fittings? Connections Per Instrument How many sections of tubing with two fittings do you maintain for each instrument? Example: If you connect tubing directly from a valve to a column this would be one connection per instrument. Number of Connect/Disconnects Per Day How many times do you install/uninstall the most used fitting per day? Example: If you change a column every four days you would install/uninstall the column fitting 0.25 times per day. Cost of Labor to Install Connections ($/Hr) How much does it cost ($ per hour) for you or someone else to install fittings and tubing or otherwise maintain an instrument?
Existing Connection $ $ $ BLANK Enter Custom Values
Marvel X $ $ $ BLANK BLANK 125 100** 0.5 3 1 0.25 60
Savings with MarvelX* $ $ $

Additional Annual Costs of Troubleshooting due to Fluidic Connection Problems

Cost of Troubleshooting BLANK BLANK Troubleshooting Needed per Month How many times do you troubleshoot issues due to fitting and tubing problems? Time to Troubleshoot Connections (min) How long does the troubleshooting take to find a cause? Cost of Experiment Consumables ($) How much does it cost for reagents, samples and other consumeables used in a failed experiment and during troubleshooting? Example: If the original failed experiment consumeables cost $200 and if troubleshooting consumeables cost $100, enter $300.
$ BLANK Enter Custom Values
$ BLANK Enter Custom Values


  • *This tool doesn't include other benefits of using MarvelX such as face sealing for zero dead volume, biocompatible PEEK option, eliminating chance of operator error in making connections, reducing training costs.
    Savings do not account for inventory and purchasing reductions or costs associated with troubleshooting dead volume issues
  • **MarvelX allows over 100 repeat uses
  • 240 Working days per year
  • Time to install MarvelX based on IDEX Health & Science test data


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