Literature & Tools

We provide excellent educational information and tools to support our customers. We have detailed and interactive pages to help you access a wide selection of guidelines for your fluidic pathway needs.

Videos & Webinars

IDEX Health & Science hosts ongoing educational webinars on specific topics, and has also created a product- and process-focused video library.

Educational Materials

Our Educational Materials section includes guides, glossaries and general information about our products and materials to help you better understand the optofluidic pathway.

Tools & Drawings

Our Tools & Drawings section is designed to assist you with specific aspects of your fluidic path requirements and provides detailed conversion widgets, a glossary, and more.

Support Literature

Offering a wide selection of valuable information about our products, services, and company, that you can easily download at your convenience.

Software & Drivers

Several of our peristaltic, gear, and rotary piston pumps can be controlled through interfacing LabView software with a computer.


Our resource links include general information, magazines and journals, online discussion groups, educational sites and on-line courses, and regional discussion groups in the U.S.

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