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    Laser Blasting to Replace Sandblasting

    Article obtained from Photonics RSS Feed.

    Recent developments in laser technology are replacing sandblasting and its harmful effects with a clean laser blasting technique that is designed to increase workmanship.

    The harmful effects of sand and bead blasting have long been known to cause early lung cancer, skin irritations, breathing problems, and vision loss, which in turn can cause a decline in life expectancy in general, but laser cleaning can mitigate those health problems by using high-powered lasers to eradicate the heaviest of industrial cleaning jobs.

    High-powered, high-energy lasers eat rust, surface contamination, heavy corrosion, and oil and mold release residue, leaving clean metal structures ready for welding, painting, or protective coating. Laser blasting is eco-friendly and more cost-efficient than sand and bead blasting. Because lasers operate as a noncontact surface removal application, there is no need for a secondary medium that contributes to waste streams.

    Harmful side effects are a contributing factor in the plight of companies in developed countries that have experienced difficulty in finding labor for the quality workmanship needed in industries such as shipbuilding, metal fabrication, marine container fabrication, and automotive custom blanks fabrication, or in working with ocean rig platforms, underwater exploration vehicles, and military equipment. LP Laser Blasters were developed with the goal to eliminate these adverse effects.

    Mar, 05 2019 |

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