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Waste Handling

The waste or output pathway of an instrument is frequently overlooked by developers as a source of error.

Often, the post-detection flow path is one of the last areas considered by instrument designers, and comes to attention only after all other more “critical” design features have been settled. Issues in the waste pathway (e.g., clogging, pressure fluctuation, backflow, air bubble issues, etc.), usually become serious hindrances on overall system reliability if they aren’t mitigated during these design and testing phases. In extreme cases, otherwise-reliable analyses can be thwarted because of unforeseen problems stemming from the waste pathway in an instrument. IDEX Health & Science works closely with OEM developers on the proper selection and integration of components in the pathway.



Waste Handling

We offer a wide variety of low pressure, flexible tubing materials in most sizes, disposable tubing kits, and easy-to-change connections. We can also help OEMs understand best practices for optimizing pressure drop, mixing effects, vacuum created by downstream pumps, gravity siphoning, and other issues common to the outlet fluidics.

We specialize in parts that are easy to interchange, and we can provide those parts in a variety of material choices that can help prevent binding and clogging of biologicals. We've also created some integrated fluidic pumping solutions that allow for automated rinsing and washing, thereby increasing overall system reliability.

We offer several pump varieties for assisting in outlet fluid handling, including peristaltic pumps, gear pumps, and piston varieties.

For the waste stage of fluidics, our custom options offer a complete tailored solution to your system.

IDEX Health & Science offers tubing kits and flexible materials that can be manipulated around the instrument. With a variety of different internal diameters, we address your unique specifications. If you are syphoning liquid off, and are concerned about a vacuum getting created, we can optimize that flow path for you. We can create a custom manifold to prevent this from happening, and offer a de-bubbling option as well.


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