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Many analyses rely on the separation or clean-up of mixture components prior to detection of those components.

These separation techniques, which include chromatography, solid phase extraction, and desalting, are essential in the determination of analytes in many complex mixtures and real-world samples. IDEX Health & Science manufactures a wide variety of components to support separation techniques ranging over many orders of magnitude in both flow rate and fluid pressure. We understand the challenges in separating compounds in flowing streams, and the requirement to introduce minute and diverse samples into these fluidic pathways, including the issues related carryover and dispersion. We have designed many components to operate at ultra-high system pressure.




We specialize in ease of use.

Our FingerTight® fittings were the first easy-to-use polymer (non-metal) fittings intended for the high pressures required in chromatography, and our rotary shear injection valves were amongst the first capable of injecting sample into pressurized chromatographic systems with little carryover or dispersion. We have countless adaptors, tubing assemblies, injection loops, probes, and sleeves that allow even inexperienced users great success at plumbing their analytical instrument.

We have superior chromatographic column hardware, used by column manufacturers throughout the industry, and this hardware can be combined with our other ease-of-use products to create high-value chromatographic pathway solutions to customers. We have unique experience in incorporating filters, frits, adaptors, and backpressure regulators to the chromatographic flow path.

Degassing solvents prior to chromatographic separation increases performance and reliability, and we have a range of vacuum degassing options based on flow-through technologies that present little carryover.

IDEX Health & Science offers a high quality line of column hardware for use in chromatography, fluidic conditioning, inline fluidic cleanup, or other tasks that require flowing liquids through packed cylindrical beds over a large pressure range.

In fact, we have so much expertise in column hardware development that we are relied on by many of the finest OEM chromatography column developers to produce custom hardware for their use. We offer custom lengths, internal diameters, materials choices, and surface finishes. We can customize the column end connectors to be compatible with a particular fitting style, pressure range, or material, depending on the OEM's need. Because we also offer an extensive line of chromatography and other fluidic fittings, IDEX Health & Science makes a logical first choice for column hardware. For customers interested in developing chromatography systems, IDEX Health & Science also offers a variety of customized degasser options.


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