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Sample Processing and Reaction

In many assays, a sample is prepared for analysis through a series of internal processing steps.

These processing steps may include dynamic mixing, stirring, incubation, filtering, adsorption, elution, or heating, to name a few. Often instruments are required to perform these steps either in-line, or through internal batch processing within the instrument. Careful control of experimental conditions, fluid volumes, and fluid flow rates are essential to reproducible results.

At IDEX Health & Science we've directed significant focus toward solving sample processing problems for the analytical, biological, and chemical sciences. We are experts in such diverse technologies as flow control, stream switching, flow path multiplexing, and chromatographic separation. Selective incorporation of electromechanical components, such as shear valves and pumps, or passive components like flow restrictors and mixing chambers, are part of the norm in fluid path design; we offer an enormous variety of combinations. We are innovators in the optimization and integration of multiple fluidic components to accomplish reliable assays with high reproducibility.



Sample Processing and Reaction

We are experts at integration and multiplexing of fluid pathways to accomplish your experimental goals. Our manifold technologies offer exacting performance with high-tolerance fluid pathway integration, and our fluidic engineers develop clever schemes for manipulating fluids in such diverse areas as digital fluidics, hematology, chromatography, and flow cytometry. We combine that expertise with capabilities in pumping and flow switching so that processes can be synchronized and coordinated.

Our fluid conditioning component set is vast: we are the premier supplier of precision degassers and debubblers in the world; we offer a wide variety of frit and filter materials; and we often incorporate heaters, electrodes, stirrers, or other components to accomplish your sample conditioning requirements. We also incorporate third-party components like solenoid or pinch valves into our pathway designs.

Because we specialize in custom manifolds, custom fluidics kits, and a large array of discreet components, we have a great deal of experience with optimizing sample processing issues such as on-the-fly dilution, mixing, and incubation.

We also have considerable experience with fluid manipulation, and we can incorporate a variety of different pumps, valves, and other fluid control devices in the flow path. We can customize delay lines, chambers, mixers, debubblers, droplet generators, and a host of other processing steps in the instrument fluidic pathway. We also enable the integration of microfluidic devices with the real word through docking with a manifold, or using specialized fitting/tubing components. This wide variety of customizable options provides many options for the OEM developer interested in enhancing their sample processing quality.


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