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Sample Introduction

Many analyses begin with a sample in liquid form.

The goal of your sampling system is to reproducibly transfer that sample into the instrument with minimal detriment to the sample. Real-world liquid samples vary considerably in their makeup. The available sample size, the matrix components, the sample viscosity, and the nature of the unknowns all drive the design considerations for sampling fluidics.

Because of this high diversity between sample types, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the sampling world, but IDEX Health & Science has significant expertise in customizing fluidics for such diverse needs. As a leader in our industry, we understand the issues that you are facing and want to work as your fluidics partner to create sampling solutions.



Sample Introduction

For equipment manufacturers, we offer the widest variety of wetted materials, and we can modify your internal passage design to your application, including optimization of internal volume and mixing effects. By tailoring these options for you, we can prevent sample holdup and carryover, provide more stable flow, and prevent unwanted pressure (or vacuum) generation as you push (or pull) fluids through the system. When the design is finalized, we then create custom kits to assist in assembly of the instrument.

We specialize in quick fit and quick change components, so if you are working with dirty samples, or other samples that tend toward clogging, we can provide you with solutions that can be rapidly replaced in the field in the event of a problem. IDEX Health & Science provides sampling probes, manifolds, fingertight fittings, bulkhead connectors, and a variety of other products to aid in the sampling process. We offer a large array of flexible tubing that is useful for probes or other fluidic devices that move.

Here at IDEX Health & Science we are committed to consistently delivering complete solutions to your Sampling needs.

We offer a variety of custom options for the introduction of samples into the fluidic pathway. Applications can differ significantly, especially with respect to sample size and constituency, so customization and optimization of sampling system components are critical to instrument performance.

We have worked closely with our OEM customers to provide optimized probe assemblies for aspirating critical samples (including materials selection, easy change out designs, and probe length and diameter improvements to assist in aspiration speed). We specialize in custom multi-probe manifolds that allow arrayed probes to be used simultaneously, and on manifold-mounted pumping systems with a high degree of integration and sophistication. By combining manifold solutions with fittings and tubing assemblies, we allow a high level of integration with the flexibility of movement required in so many of today's instruments. Emerging technologies require less sample consumption with cleaner-swept flow paths, and we are continually developing novel robust shear valve solutions for those applications.


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