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Reagent Handling

Liquid reagents are usually essential to the analyses of samples.

These chemicals are used to dissolve, condition, react with, carry, deposit, position, or otherwise modify the sample to prepare it for analysis. Few instruments are alike; they vary considerably in the volume of reagents required, the number of reagents, the chemical composition of reagents, and in the relative lifetime of reagents.

Instruments may also differ substantially in how they control, segment, and steer reagents in addition to how they cycle between those reagents during an analytical process. As with samples, the quality of analysis often depends on how carefully and reproducibly reagents are moved through the instrument. Often, instruments are particularly sensitive to the relative carryover generated between sequential reagent applications.

We know you need to get fluids to the right place at the right time, and usually removed when you are finished with them. We are leaders in preventing carry-over and work very closely with customers on reagent retention problems. Proper flow path design requires evaluation of internal passageways, compatibility of wetted materials, and geometrical pathway optimization –all core areas of expertise for IDEX Health & Science.



Reagent Handling

Real-world Instruments differ in their requirements for flow rate and fluid pressure. We have a wide range of parts that operate under a very diverse set of conditions. We provide components that handle pressure ranges from ambient atmospheric all the way to 25,000 psi for demanding analyses. Our component flow rate capabilities extend over 8 orders of magnitude, depending on your needs. IDEX Health & Science has the unique position of offering the most diverse complement of fluidic pathway components in the industry and the knowledge to integrate them. We will work in partnership with you to ensure your reagent handling is optimal.

Most fluidics-based instruments utilize at least a few reagents to accomplish their analytical tasks.

The number of reagents used, their chemical characteristics, and how the reagents are passed through the instrument are important factors in the overall quality of analyses achievable. The good news is that IDEX Health & Science partners with OEM developers, and we specialize in optimization. Challenging needs, such as accurate on-the-fly mixing, high-rate aspiration of reagents, and easy reagent changeover are provided using custom-designed manifolds, tubing kits, and solvent bottle components. We also design in-line filter assemblies, unique fluid path wetted materials, and geometries. Third party sensors, valves, and other components are also often easily integrated into our designs.


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