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Custom Fluidics

At IDEX Health & Science we specialize in custom fluidic options for a diverse group of OEM partners.

We work in many different capacities with our OEM partners, ranging from "Make-to-Print" through designing entire assemblies according to a customer's specifications. We focus on design for manufacturability, with emphases on enhancing reliability, preventing leakage, minimizing carryover, and enhancing usability.

Customers may require us to create entire integrated subsystems to solve their fluidic problems, or they may need less-integrated but highly-engineered components to solve smaller challenges. In either case, there are many advantages in partnering with us for custom fluidic solutions. For example, we offer expertise in the modeling, layout and design of fluid pathways, and we understand the limitations imposed by phenomena like adsorption and mixing.



Custom Fluidics

We offer expertise in the modeling, layout and design of fluidics. We perform FEA and CFD analyses on challenging problems, and 3D design of complex components is the norm. We cut our teeth designing flow paths for the Analytical, Biotech, and Diagnostics markets, so we understand the needs of these spaces. Our expertise out shines most other OEM vendors in our field, because we have a team of designers that live and breathe fluidics.

We have many different customization options, ranging from a large choice of unique wetted materials, specialized pathway geometries, and custom electromechanical control methods. We prefer to work closely with the customer's engineering team in collaborative development efforts.

We are also structured to take on highly-collaborative developments with our OEM customers, and we have developed a robust product development process to support those partnerships.


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