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IDEX Health & Science creates product- and process-focused videos. You'll find these resources posted here for your convenience.


About IDEX Heath & Science

A New Vision for the World of Fluidics & Optics

As the global authority in life science fluidics and optics, we support and guarantee your success with highly engineered solutions to solve your most demanding challenges. Our vision of the complete path goes far beyond just meeting your needs — it anticipates them, with intelligent solutions for life.


QuickStart™ Sensors

Learn how to use QuickStart Sensors to monitor and control your fluid flow and pressure to achieve accurate instrument output and maximized system performance.

QuickStart™ Sensors Overview

Andrew Shaw of IDEX Health and Science gives an overview of QuickStart™ Sensors.


Learn about our MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Technology.

How to Clean Semrock Optical Filters

Our expert shares the best practices for cleaning our line of Semrock optical filters.


Fluidic Path Monitoring and Control

Join Andrew Shaw of IDEX Health & Science for his presentation at Compamed 2016 on advanced way of monitoring and controlling the fluidic path.


Custom Optical System

Every component in a system impacts system-level performance. For an instrument to operate at its full potential, each component must interact seamlessly with all other components. To avoid the uncertainty of off-the-shelf components that may not be characterized sufficiently to fully define your system’s optical path integrate a custom optical system from IDEX Health & Science.

QuickStart Modular Sensing Solutions

Accurately monitor and control your fluid flow and pressure to achieve accurate instrument output and maximized system capabilities with QuickStart™ Modular Sensing Solutions from IDEX Health & Science. For more information visit Sensors

Manifold Mounted Rotary Shear Valve

We developed our Mounted Manifold Rotary Shear Valves in tandem with the evolution of HPLC offering solutions to the ever changing fluidics landscape. With the introduction of elevated system pressures, aggressive chemicals, and decreasing fluid volumes the need for highly precise fluid control and delivery is imperative. For more information visit Manifold Mounted Rotary Shear Value


Accelerate your time to market with our 3D printed, industry- leading manifold prototypes — from order to delivery in 7 days. Optimize the form, fit, function, and manufacturability of your fluidic path by collaborating with our experts on your designs. We offer the highest quality production, materials, and prototype finish. For more information visit Manifold-in-a-Week

Fluidics Development Kits

The IDEX Health & Science Fluidics Development Kit is a cost-effective way to quickly develop fully integrated systems, backed by an industry know-how that few can rival. For more information visit Fluidics Development Kits

Wide Field Illumination Module

Improve throughput of you flow cell analysis with our wide field illumination module. For more information see our White Paper.

Characterized Objective

Being restricted to limited specifications defined by off­-the-shelf objectives forces you to concede to variable instrument operation and suboptimal image quality, which adds complexity and drives up costs. Guarantee your system with a fully characterized objective from IDEX Health & Science.

Vulcan Bonding Solutions

IDEX Health & Science offers a bonding solution for your flow cells or microfluidic devices that doesn't sacrifice performance or cost... with a design that uses proprietary Vulcan bonding technology.


Degassing can greatly improve instrument development and commercialization. Learn about how degassing works.

SearchLight™ Spectral Plotting & Analysis Tool

SearchLight™ is Semrock's free, online spectral plotting and analysis tool that allows fluorescence microscope users and optical instrument designers to model and evaluate the spectral performance of fluorophores, filter sets, light sources, and detectors as components of an overall system. For more information



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Partner with IDEX Health & Science on the optimization and validation of your fluidic pathway.

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