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Unit of Measure - Metric and English Conversions

Metric Meter




SI Prefix

Relation to Meter


Meter 1 1.0 - - m
decimeter 0.1 1.0E-1 deci tenth dm
centimeter 0.01 1.0E-2 centi hundredth cm
millimeter 0.001 1.0E-3 milli thousandth mm
micrometer 0.000 001 1.0E-6 micro millionth micron, μm
nanometer 0.000 000 001 1.0E-9 nano billionth nm


English Units to Metric

From To Factor
Microinch Centimeter x .00000254
Microinch Millimeter x .0000254
Microinch Micrometer x .0254
Microinch Micron x .0254
Microinch Nanometer x 25.4
Microinch Picometer x 25,400
Inches Meters x .0254
Inches Centimeters x 2.54
Inches Millimeters x 25.4
Feet Meters x.3048
Feet Centimeters x 30.48
Feet Millimeters x 304.8


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