Improve Instrument Precision and Reliability with Degassing Solutions from IDEX Health & Science

    Utilize degassing in your fluidic path to remove dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem-causing bubbles. Achieve consistent and accurate results with degassers to:

    • Avoid inaccurate sampling
    • Maintain throughput
    • Reduce errors by removing dissolved gasses – even across complex fluid systems
    • Optimize and improve diagnostic, analytical, and biotechnology applications

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    Degassing / Debubbling Membrane Materials

    We offer a broad portfolio of vacuum degassing assemblies to control bubbles in a wide range of system-fluids and flow-rates:

    AF based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are best used with non-water-based system fluids.

    Silicone based degassers offer high flow rate capabilities for water-based systems to improve dispense accuracy and reliability.

    Poridex based debubblers provide rapid bubble removal for locations where bubble introduction cannot be avoided.

    Degassing Methods: Degassers & Debubblers

    Degassers eliminate bubbles before they form, which enhances instrument accuracy. A single degasser can degas bulk fluid throughout an entire operation, regardless of the number of terminal flow paths.

    1. The fluid stream enters the degassing chamber containing dissolved gas molecules and possibly bubbles
    2. A vacuum is used to pull the dissolved gas molecules from the fluid stream
    3. The fluid exiting the degasser is now free of dissolved gasses
    Debubblers clear air pockets where bubble introduction cannot be avoided. They can be used along the fluidic path to continuously remove bubbles, reduce downtime, and maintain optimal throughput.

    1. As the fluid stream enters the debubbler, bubbles are trapped at the top of the chamber while fluid continues moving downstream
    2. The vacuum source extracts the air bubbles and removes them from the fluid stream. An optional degassing tail can remove dissolved gasses in the fluid stream
    3. The fluid exiting the degasser is now free of dissolved gasses


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