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Chemical Compatibility Disclaimer

This Chemical Compatibility Guide provides general compatibility information on various materials and chemicals. This information has been obtained from suppliers of materials and other third-party sources and has not been independently tested or verified by IDEX Health & Science.

This Chemical Compatibility Guide is not intended to define the fitness or suitability of any IDEX Health & Science product for any use or application and should not be relied upon by purchasers and users IDEX Health & Science products in determining their fitness or suitability for any use or application.

IDEX Health & Science makes no guarantee and provides no warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied, concerning the fitness or suitability of any IDEX Health & Science product for any use or application, and IDEX Health & Science shall have no liability or obligation of any kind if an IDEX Health & Science product is used for an application for which it is not fit or suited.

Purchasers and users of IDEX Health & Science products have the sole responsibility for determining the fitness and suitability of IDEX Health & Science products for the applications for which they are used.


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