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Overview: Column Hardware (Isolation Technologies)

Represented Brands: Isolation Technologies, Upchurch Scientific

IDEX Health & Science is the leading supplier of advanced column hardware and accessories for the global HPLC market.

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Product Types

  • Capillary Column Hardware
    • DuraCap™ capillary columns offer unmatched packing stability
    • Strength, and performance in one convenient platform
  • Column Accessories
    • Column hardware including frit caps, precolumns, filters, and connectors
    • Column tubing
  • Compression Column Hardware
    • Pre-assembled for quick integration
    • Multiple port configurations
  • Guard Columns
    • Protect the analytical column by increasing its lifetime
    • Helps increase the efficiency of your system
  • LC/MS Column Hardware
    • Engineered for fast separations
    • 80% less dead volume for enhanced sensitivity
  • Modular Column Hardware
    • More user-friendly than ordinary compression-style hardware
    • Quick-Seal(tm) columns allow for hand-tight connections

  • PEEK Column Hardware
    • Bio-Safe™ columns are biocompatible
    • Precision-machined from virgin PEEK material
  • Preparative Column Hardware
    • IsoPrep™ columns withstand packing pressures up to 16,000 psi
    • Greatly enhance the stability and lifetime of the packed column
  • UHPLC Column Hardware
    • The IsoBar column platform delivers a leak-proof, reliable, all-metal design
    • High strength threaded end fittings to meet critical UHPLC system requirements