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Materials and Tools Overview

IDEX Health & Science can help you choose the right materials for your application by considering temperature, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, electrical properties and all your critical parameters.

  • High-performance engineering thermoplastics
  • High-performance fluoroplastics
  • High-performance composites including carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)
  • Sapphire, ceramic and other ultra-hard materials
  • Stainless steel, titanium and metal alloys
  • Performance-enhancing surface coatings
  • Most other engineered plastics
  • Patented, proprietary processes and long-term strategic partnerships with materials suppliers










Case Study

Your Fluidic Engineering Team

IDEX Health & Science is a unified resource for fluidic technology geared for equipment manufacturers. We provide highly precise, small-scale fluidic subassemblies and gas management systems as well as precision components. Working with IDEX Health & Science, you have one point of contact, yet a full spectrum of components and experts.

Use the Design/Application Request Form to provide us with the specifics of your job, and we will target a solution for you.

Tubing Configurator. Our tubing and connections experts have created a straightforward guide to help you build custom tubing assemblies.

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