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Quality Assurance

With stringent ISO 9001 quality control processes in place, as well as ATEX Certification for European safety standards, IDEX Health & Science ensures the quality of both new and existing product designs.

Using Statistical Quality Control (SQC) methods to monitor our processes, we are committed to providing top quality components and subassemblies.


IDEX Health & Science offers a wide range of testing and calibration methodologies to meet your specific requirements:

  • Create test apparatus (“test stands”) for your application
  • Maintain test apparatus at IDEX Health & Science facilities
  • Deliver test apparatus to your site
  • Develop a process to manage burn-in period for a component
  • Test up to 100% of our products depending on your requirements

IDEX Health & Science is also dedicated to preserving the environment through its participation in ISO 14001 continuous improvement programs in the areas of waste minimization, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.




Case Study

Precision. Accuracy. And Usability.

Technicians who service IDEX Health & Science’s dispense module appreciate the design feature that makes it impossible to lose the mounting screws for the module. The screws can be loosened for service, but not completely removed, so they can’t fall out or get lost inside the instrument. In other modules, we orient the valves to minimize electrical problems, and position tubing to enable ready access and quick exchange. We not only expect our custom fluidic modules to meet the required precision and accuracy requirements but also to solve common use complaints that we’ve heard from the field.