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IDEX Health & Science provides proprietary processing of complex, material-specific components for highly specialized, precision-flow applications. Our machining capabilities run from stress relief, deburring (cryogenic, microgrit, manual), and performance testing to cleaning, passivation, and inspection.


  • Holes as small as 0.004" (102 μm)
  • Tolerances of less than 0.0001" (2.54 μm)
  • Surface finishes down to 1 μin. (.025 μm RA)

Ultrahard Materials

  • Holes as small as 0.002" (50.8 μm)
  • Tolerances as low as 0.00001" (0.254 μm)
  • Surface finishes down to 0.25 μin. (0.006 μm RA)


  • Holes as small as 0.007" (178 μm)
  • Tolerances as low as 0.00050" (500 μin.)
  • Surface finishes down to 10 μin. (0.25 μm )





Revolutionary Manifold Technology

IDEX Health & Science proudly introduces Eastern Plastics® Spiral Transition™, the revolutionary new manifold technology. For more than 50 years manifolds have been used to distribute fluids in diagnostic and life science instrumentation. Until now, directional changes in the flow path have been limited to hard turns with sharp internal corners. Sharp corners restrict fluid flow, create dead volume, and clog easily. Spiral Transitions eliminate sharp corners, creating a fully swept fluid path that improves flow rates, reduces carryover, and eliminates dead volume. Ask how this patent-pending technology could be designed into a new manifold or retrofit into your existing instrument.