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Finishing and Assembly

To complement our world-class machining and ultrahard materials processing, IDEX Health & Science features to-specification custom finishing and assembly of complex, fully-tested, turnkey assemblies. These combined services ensure a smooth transition from individual components to the highest quality complete assemblies, and reduce cost and vendor base. Our speciality: the ability to manufacture the simplest fitting to the most complex flow cell body.


Finishing Processes

  • Polishing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Deburring (under magnification up to 300x)
  • Bead/sand blasting
  • Marking/engraving
  • Painting/coating


  • Pumps, valves, and pistons
  • Check valves and flow cells
  • Fiber optic connectors and ferrules (VSCEL)
  • Tubing kits, color-coded tubing and identification sleeves
  • Labeling and/or bundling to meet your needs







Case Study

Rapid Response, Right Response

After a recent co−engineering project involving a technically difficult OEM−specific configuration, the customer reflected how we:

  • Responded with technical know−how
  • Demonstrated a powerful commitment to make their technology work
  • Impressed with our ability to work quickly and accurately to uncover their core needs
  • Accommodated changing specifications and evolving needs
  • Produced competitively superior products
  • Provided a highly customized solution that worked exactly as needed