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IDEX Health & Science offers fast turnaround of custom thermoplastic tubing, and we guarantee precise tolerances with online laser gauges and closed-loop feedback/statistical process control on all equipment. Our specialty: difficult and custom melt-extruded, high-performance thermoplastic tubing, plus custom tubing assemblies for and low-, high-, and ultrahigh pressure applications.


  • Custom tubing - ID, OD, length
  • CNC metal tube forming
  • Polymer thermoforming
  • Simple to complex extrusion
  • Forming and final assembly
  • Labeling, bar-coding, and packaging


  • PEEK™
  • Difficult polymers
  • Stainless steel
  • Extremely small tolerances
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototypes

Cost Efficiencies

  • Experience with premium polymers
  • SPC-guaranteed precision on ID/OD

Case Study

Rapid Response, Rapid Results

During a meeting with engineers from an IVD company, it was casually mentioned that it would be “nice-to-have” a product that improved the bond between the very small stock tubing they were using and a microchip. Our fluidic engineers took the “casual mention” to the drawing board and developed a new thermal tipping procedure for the outer diameter of the 1/32" OD tube that met the customers’ needs perfectly — the result - the customer now purchases 2,000 tipped tubes per month.