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Engineering and Design

How are you using it?

Nearly every discussion with the IDEX Health & Science Engineering team starts the same way:

“What is your flow rate?”
“What are your pressures?”
“What do you need to accomplish?”

As system designers demand ever-smaller fluidic footprints, the need for fluidic efficiency continually increases and significantly impacts the final success of an instrument. Yet what could possibly be so complicated about flowing Fluid X from Point A to Point B? Turns out, at today’s microflow rates, quite a lot.

With more than 100 mechanical, software, and electrical engineers, and scientists—yet with only a single point of contact—our engineering team is extremely successful in providing creative new solutions that solve our customers’ emergent problems and achieve the results they need.

Utilizing the industry-leading brands of IDEX Health & Science and select partner technologies, our team creates and optimizes custom fluidic assemblies to:

  • Increase system reliability
  • Reduce fluidic waste and variability
  • Develop new ways of moving fluids within cost and time constraints

“...a couple of phone calls and a few e-mails and we had a prototype plan...”

—Doug Jamieson
R&D Manager

Case Study

Rapid Prototype Development

An integrated stainless steel piston displacement pump and custom valve assembly combined to create a compact fluidic module that includes stainless steel fittings and a tubing kit.

A completely integrated piston displacement pump and custom valve fluidic assembly for a flow-controlled nanospray reference sprayer for a mass spectrometer.